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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Scott McAlister writes:

Here's photos of my "new" 1964 Sport Fury.

These photos were taken by my wife just after I got it home about a week and a half ago. Even in it's present shape (runs real rough) this car turns heads.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

It is a Poly 318/727 car and will be the recipient of my 3 deuce induction system and the performance build up instead of my '64 Polara. I've already made a few changes to it. It now has 15x7 inch Cragar SS mags with P22560HR15 Dunlop D60A2 radials and a new 2 and one half inch dual exhaust with H pipe and Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury poly 318 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

This weekend it gets a Pertronix Ignitor, Accel Super Stock 8mm plug wires, Accel Super Stock coil and real good tune up. It's got a few mechanical problems that we're sorting out. It hasn't been on the road since 1998 and has 104,000 miles on it. The paint is pretty new and is 2000 Viper red. It will be upgraded to a 742 3.23 SureGrip rear and has had a power front disc brake conversion done. Gas shocks, sway bars, stock rear spring hangers and a hidden AM/FM CD stereo are on the list for additional mods.

We'll be looking for a replacement center grill section, LH backup light lense and some of the rear trim. The previous owner painted all of the Sport Fury emblems red, instead of red, white and blue. We'll fix this pretty quick. The interior is black and needs restoring. Overall, this car isn't in bad shape and the goal is to have most of it completed by the end of next summer.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Update January 2002

Here are a few pictures of what I plan to put on the engine as soon as possible.

318 Poly six pack 318 Poly six pack

Update July 2002

1964 Sport Fury

1964 Sport FuryFront view 1964 Sport Fury rear view
1964 Sport Fury 318 318 before the induction swap

1964 Sport Fury

1964 Sport Fury 6 pack

Update August 2002 -- Scott sold his Plymouth to Bill, a Mopar fan who enjoys the '64 in Toledo, Ohio.

Thanks, Scott!

Don't red '64 Sport Furys look good?

If you had to sell your '64 Polara, I can't think of a better replacement than a '64 Sport Fury. :-)

Glad you are sticking with your Poly 318 choice as well.

Plus, you'll have fun explaining to the crowd your Sport Fury's Poly 318 when they ask you: "You got a big block 440 there, don't ya?" ;-)

Re 1/2002 update: a six pack Poly will add even more confusion among the spectators. Gotta love it!   smile!

Update: August 2002: RE: Sale: The Sport Fury went to a great new home! Enjoy it, Bill!

Gary H.

September 8, 2001, January 9, 2002; July 24, 2002; August 20, 2002
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