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1964 Dodge Polara

Works in Progress

UPDATE: Scott sold this car in 2002: see bottom of page. Scott McAlister writes:

I've had my 1964 Polara 2 door hardtop with a pushbutton 727 and Poly 318 about 11 months.

1964 Dodge Polara side view

The Dodge is a total project: we're doing body work, all of the mechanics and an interior as well.

The car is pretty complete, but we're modifying it a bit during this process.

I was originally going to put a 383/pushbutton 727 combo in this car but have since changed my mind (the 383 is gone, but I kept the big block pushbutton 727 for parts).

Gary Pavlovich was instrumental in this decision, plus I wanted to keep the car fairly original.

This is the original Poly and I don't believe it has ever been rebuilt. It has 177,000 miles on it and it runs pretty well. I will be keeping all of the stock parts in case I want to change it back. I have not started the engine rebuild yet, but have already made some of the mods and have ordered (and received) many of the parts.

This car will probably take a couple of years to complete.

I am currently searching for a second post '62 Poly and I may rebuild this one so I can continue to drive this car.

Meanwhile, here is an update about progress that's already been made on the car. We've put on:

1964 Dodge Polara interior 1964 Dodge Polara interior
1964 Dodge Polara 318 poly 1964 Dodge Polara rear view

I've spent all winter getting varoius trim repalcement parts from all over the country. I also purchased a pair of pretty straight rust free front fenders to replace mine. My Edelbrock P600 3 deuce intake is currently at Vintage Speed having the Holley 94/ecg carbs, linkage and fuel lines built. It will be a bolt on and go package when I get it back. We're also changing the interior from a split bench to buckets. I have a set of buckets from a '65 Dart to use. We'll be doing the interior with black vinyl and either herringbone or hounds tooth cloth seating surfaces (no air in this car!). A manual front disc brake conversion and sway bars are also on the list. We will be doing all of the items to the motor that I outlined in my e-mail to Sue Nash as well. We may only bore this motor .030 instead of the .060, haven't decided.

Update January 2002: I traded my Dodge for a lot of work on my '64 Sport Fury. I'll get all of the labor to rebuild my 727, the Poly and a bunch of other mechanical stuff.

Thanks, Scott!

Going with the Poly 318 is a good idea: Dodge different -- that's the current advertising campaign from Dodge, too! :-)

Plus, you'll have a blast explaining to the Chebby crowd that the Poly 318 in your car is really NOT a 440.

Trust me, that happened to me with my '62 Plymouth 318 Poly....

Gary H.

May 16, 2001; revised August 20, 2001; January 5, 2002
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