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1964 Plymouth Fury  "jinxed"

Dan writes:

My father-in-law recently gave my son his 1964 Plymouth Fury 4-door.

The strange thing about this is that my father-in-law purchased this car new and the first week he had it another car hit the bumper which had to be replaced. Since that day my father-in-law swears the car was jinxed and would not drive it.

So since then the Fury mostly was just stored.

Of course, since it has a "jinx" on it, he also could not sell it to anyone else.

I can only assume he wanted to keep the jinx in the family since it was OK to give it to my son? ;-)

The car was driven slightly by his two daughters throughout the years; the Fury only has 22,000 original miles on it.

The car is 100% original except for the tires and the replaced bumper. The factory applied clear plastic seat covers fit the era and still give the car that "plasticky" smell when you get in.

Thanks, Dan!

Jinxed? I think not.

Obviously the Fury has led a "charmed" life!

Hit, then repaired, and treated to leisurely use over the next almost 40 years & 22,000 miles at about just under 600 miles per year....

'Nuff said!  smile!

Gary H.

November 8, 2002

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