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1964 Plymouth Fury

Karl writes:

1964 Plymouth Fury

This is originally a California car, but I picked it up from a fellow net member in Boze, Montana who built it for his son-in-law.

I am not certain [how I settled on this '64 Fury], but I think it was pictured on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web site and mentioned that it was for sale. It wasn't what I was really looking for, but the fact that it had that hopped up 440 in it really intrigued me. After seeing some photos of it and a couple phonecalls later, I was on the bus headed for Great Falls, Montana.

I had forgotten just how cool those 63/65 B bodies looked and when I first layed my eyes on it as I disembarked from the bus. I was hooked. That hook was set however, when I took it for a drive and punched the throttle to the floor at about 25 mph and that loping 440 powered Fury literally lifted up off its launch pad and rocketed down the road like the black bat-outta-hell that it was. I hadn't experienced that sort of acceleration since I had to give up my 440 Cuda and I'm not sure the Cuda could have kept up with this Monster Mopar.

I drove it home the entire 1100 miles without a problem, except for nearly every kid along the way, who was old enough to grow pimples, chew gum and drive, wanted to "choose" me for a race. I learned real fast this Fury was not only a formidable competitor to contend with on the street, it was downright dangerous if care was not taken as the thing would do a 180 if both of those 8 inch rear tires were not on solid and dry pavement when you "punched it".

There was literally no rust on the vehicle save for a very small area on the passenger floor and in the trunk. I first bought a Chrysler 300G, then I got this Fury. The wife said any more and I could begin sleeping in one of them, to which I replied, that's no problem, the 300 will sleep 3 in the trunk; me and the 2 "twenties" I'm going to trade you in for. I never heard any more from her about the subject.

1964 Plymouth Fury interior

Am going to redo the interior in a "tuck and roll" style naughehyde probably next year. Will also install a custom dash and instrument panel as the brite metalized plastic is pretty much wasted.

1964 Plymouth Fury engine

The motor is a '68 Chrysler 440 bored .040 over. Edelbrock 750 cfm performance carb, HP 284/384 cam, forged aluminum pistons, 10.5:1 compression. Much of the original pushbutton 727 tranny innards are from a '67 Charger, as well as a mild shift kit. The 3.55 sure-grip rear end and axle assembly is from a '70 Roadrunner. About the only thing still "stock" on the car is the body. It definitely "keeps up with the traffic".

1964 Plymouth Fury

1964 Plymouth Fury rear
This is the view most of the Chebbie and Fraud owners see of my Fury.

Thanks, Karl!

That's quite a nice ride!

And obviously has EXACTLY what makes these Mopars so appealing: style, speed and scarcity!

Gary H.

April 7, 2001.

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