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1964 Dodge Polara 500 Max Wedge

Allan MacDonald wrote:

A little history on the car: I bought the car from Don Owens (now deceased) who was a Max Wedge aficionado; he had the car for 10 years. Before that, the car was purchased about 18 years ago from Mark Nagel of Roseville, MI.

Seen here the 500 has 9,000 original miles and in the side shots is still in original paint.

I received loads of NOS with the car when I bought it including taillamps, parklamps,emblems, headlamp bezels, etc.

1964 Dodge Polara

The paint had been waxed thru in many places which required a repaint.

I am currently putting on the trim and getting the headliner installed.

1964 Dodge Polara

In the engine compartment shot, the car has just been painted. engine bay of 1964 Dodge Polara

tri-Y exhaust manifold If anyone can help, I am looking for Tri-Y exhaust manifolds for this 1964 Dodge Max Wedge. The car has the RS inner fender notched from the factory to clear these manifolds. They were used on NASCAR cars in 1963 and early 1964. In the above photo of the engine compartment, you can make out the flat area on the RS inner fenderwell for clearance of the tri-y manifolds. [As of July 2010, I am still looking.]

I hope to have the Dodge on the road within the next couple of months.

Contact Al: contact Al

See Al's Restored Polara 500!

Cool project, Al!   smile!

If anyone knows about the car before Al got it, please send him some history!

We look forward to following your restoration, Al. Max Wedge 500's are very scarce.

Gary H.

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