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1965 Plymouth Belvedere II
Max Wedge

Max Wedge Gene writes about his Plymouth's engine:

My RAY BARTON built 471 cubic inch MAX WEDGE

488H.P. @ 5500 R.P.M.

572 Ft./Lbs. @ 3700 R.P.M.


Engine Displacement 471 Max Wedge cid
Bore/Stroke 4.25/4.15
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1.02:1
Rod/Stroke Ratio 1.63:1
488 H.P. @ 5500 R.P.M.
572 Ft./Lbs. @ 3700 R.P.M.

Bottom End

Block Description Standard 426 RB Block #2658836 Date 3-8-72
Deck Height 10.7020 inches
Crank MP 5249208 4.15 stroke forged steel
Balancer MP5249694 SFI APPROVED
Rods Eagle Forged Steel 875 g.
Rod Length 6.7550 inches
Pistons custom forged aluminum,10:1 compression from J&E 615 g.
Piston Pins JE .990 tool steel chamfered on all edges
Straight wall .150-inch thick honed inside
Rings Speed Pro, 1/16,1/16,3/16 Moly face top, iron second, sd. Tension oil
Rod Bolts Eagle/ARP
Head Bolts and Washers MP 4120459 MP 4120472

Oiling System

Oil Pan 66-69 Street Hemi 7 Quart
Oil Pump MP 4286590 High Volume
Oil Kendall 15W-40W


Brand RBRE ON-TRAC Custom Grind by COMP CAMS
Advertised Duration @.050 Lift Intake 245 degrees Exhaust 251"
Lift @.050 Lift Intake .522 inch Exhaust .531 inch
Centerline 108 degrees
Lifters Comp Cams Solid Lifter 821
Valve Springs Chrome Vanadium Dual w/ Damper MP 2806077
Pushrods Custom Length 9.340 inch IRC 3/8 Moly .083 Wall
Timing Chain RBRE ON-TRAC Billet Steel Double Roller Set


Casting Number Max Wedge 2402286 +250cfm @ .500 lift
Combustion Chamber volume 85.5ccs
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Valves Max Wedge Intake 2.08 inch Exhaust 1.88 inch
Type Chromium Nickel Steel
Intake Size MP 5249199 2.08 inch
Exhaust Size MP 4876398 1.88 inch
Retainers MP 4007178 Titanium8 degrees
Keepers MP 4120618 Single Groove 8 degrees
Valve Guides Bronze
Valve Seals MP3690963 Teflon
Rocker Shafts MP Chrome
Rocker Arms Max Wedge 1.5:1 Adjustable
Valve Lash 023 inch Hot


Carburetor Carter 4759 Comp Series 625 cfm
Fuel Pump MP 4007039 high volume mechanical
Intake Manifold Max Wedge Aluminum Cross Ram 2x4 Bbl 2402726


Distributor Max Wedge Auto Lite 2098582
Wires Moroso 8mm Blue Max Spiral Core Wires
Plugs Accel AC-134 .040 Gap


Exhaust Manifold MaxWedge PN 2402334/6 Cast Iron Header Type 3 inch
Gaskets Max Wedge
Exhaust System Accurate LTD MaxWedge 3 inch Cut-out H Pipe

426 at Ray Barton's Shop - adjust valves dyno a 426 at Ray Barton's Shop

I just wanted to take some time to comment about machine shops and the quality of work along with confidence of the people doing the work. My Max Wedge motor was done by Ray Barton and from the very first day I set foot in the shop I was always treated with respect and informed about every aspect of the engine building process. Whether it was Ray himself, his son Dave or any of the other guys in the shop, I was never considered an interruption when I would stop by and check on the status of my motor.

My motor was not a 900Hp super stocker or a plus 500CID Hemi, just a resto Max Wedge for a street cruiser and even though the car did not end up on a drag strip the guys always ask "How is the car?" I was present the entire day the engine was on the dyno and that is an experience I'll never forget! I didn't just have an engine built, I was part of an engine building event and was fortunate enough to gain several great friends in the business.

Price is not the bottom line when the total experience is the true value and is worth the price paid.

426 at Ray Barton's Shop

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December 7, 2001
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