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1963 Dodge RAMPAGE

Joe writes:

Thank God for Joe Lomastro senior, for letting me buy this car. I was 19. It was fast: with cheater slicks (7 inch) the best was 12.99 at Flemington Drag Strip, New Jersey. After installing Stage 2 carbs, and cam, it dropped down to a best of 12.72.

Does anyone out there remember it? It was a 1963 white Dodge, with RAMPAGE on the front fender.

I have no pictures of car, but if you do please email me!

Joe in New Jersey at this e-mail:

Paperwork from the car:

Reedman Dodge Inc.
RD #1 Lincoln Highway
Langorne, PA

Subject: Characteristics of maximum performance 426 super stock engine,and disclaimer of warranty coverage.

The Maximum performance super stock engine is available on all 1963 Dodge models. These power plants are designed for maximum performance where peak acceleration is desired.

Cars equipped with these engines are intended for use in supervised acceleration trails. They are not intended for highway or general passenger car use because of compromise of all around characteristics which must be made for this type of vehicle.

Any prospective customer who desires to purchase a vehicle equipped with one of these maximum performance engines should be made aware of the following characteristics which make them unsuitable for general use:

1, a high idle speed is required to insure adequate lubrication,minimum roughness,and to keep the engine from stalling.

2, a long-duration camshaft causes a rough high speed idle and poor low speed response.

3, since there is no intake manifold heat control,the engine will be slow to warm up and carburetor icing may occur,during cold weather, a rich surging condition misfiring, and unstable engine operation will be encountered-- which makes ordinary street driving extremely difficult and it is not recommended for this use.

4, higher than normal oil consumption will be encountered because of increased lubrication to the valve train and cylinder walls.

5, the carburetors are calibrated for maximum power and a high numerical axle ratio is used for good acceleration,as a result, the gas mileage is considerably less than conventional cars.

6, engine noises would be objectionable due to increased piston clearance and mechanical valve tappet clearance.

7, the ignition system is designed for optimum engine output and must be kept in top condition, this makes it necessary to inspect, adjust and replace the plugs, and ignition points more frequently than would be necessary on a standard engine.

8, on cars equipped with automatic transmission, band adjustments must be made frequently.

9, due to performance characteristics,maintenance and operating expense will be high,since premium fuel is required and frequent oil changes are a must.

Warranty and Policy Coverage

As a prospective purchaser of the maximum 426 super stock engine you should be advised that due to the expected use of vehicles equipped with these performance engines, the 12 month or 12,000 mile vehicle warranty coverage and 5 year or 50,000 mile power train warranty coverage will not apply to these vehicles.

6132184424    serial # ???????????????

As a prospective purchaser of a 1963 Dodge equipped with the maximum performance 426 cu. in. super stock engine, I have read the performance details and understand the warranty limitations as set forth in this letter.

Dealer Reedman Dodge Inc.


Joe Lomastro Date 7/3/63

Update June 2005

After 43 years I found the car! It’s still being raced out in Michigan.

I'm still asking for old pictures, so if anyone has some old photos of the 1963 Dodge Rampage please let me know at my e-mail.

Thanks for sharing the great memories, Joe!   smile!

Anyone have a picture in their scrapbook of Joe's '63?

Gary H.

January 22, 2002;
Revised June 16, 2005

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