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1965 Plymouth Golden Commando Shirts and Hat

From Bruce Lindstrom

These shirts and hat are available from Bruce Lindstrom, member of the Golden Commandos and owner / restorer of Goldfish 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, also featured as the December 2014 Mopar of the Month.

NOTE: Bruce is selling clothing and seeking sponsors to help with financing his 2015 campaign to tour the Barracuda to car events.
Any help is appreciated!
See the bottom of this page for contact information.

Now available are t-shirts and polo shirts with the Goldfish 1965 Plymouth Barracuda on the back and Golden Commandos text on the front. 1965 <i>Goldfish</i> Plymouth Barracuda
Graphic on back of shirt

The GOLDFISH shirts are no-shrink no-fade and are priced as follows, shipping included: T-Shirts $25; Polo Shirts $30.

Please allow 6-8 weeks delivery time.

Golden Commandos Goldfish hats are also available.

The Flex-fit embroidered hats are $30, postage included. The hats come in S M L.

1965 <i>Goldfish</i> Plymouth Barracuda hat

Limited quantities of a 1965 Belvedere Shirt are also available.

NOTE: The shirt shown in the photo to the right is a t-shirt. None are available. But there are a limited number of polo style shirts (same shirt style as above) with a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere on the back available for $25 each, postage included.

The logo on the front is the same as the logo shown on the polo shirt, above.
Inventory as of 11-26-2014: M-6, L-10, XL-1, XXL-1. These are $25 shipping included and will be delivered within 7 days from receipt of payment. 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Golden Commando t-shirt

Contact Bruce to order a shirt or if you have any questions: contact Bruce

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