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1964 Dodge 330

Daniel Lesnikoff wrote:

I found the car parked on private property adjacent to El Marge Dry Lake in California for $500 in January, 1999.

1964 Dodge

I had the bumpers rechromed, and the bright work redone.

It had a poly 318 that smoked, so I replaced it with a 318 out of a 1982 Chrysler. The car uses a push button 727.

1964 Dodge

I had the interior redone, and put on new wheels, tires, body and paint, and a new radiator.

1964 Dodge

I plan on improving the performance of the car next year with 3:23 gears, headers and cam and four barrell carb.

1964 Dodge

Good job, Dan!

There is something especially satisfying too, about rescuing a Mopar from a field and bringing it back to life on the road.

You deserve extra credit, too, for rescuing a 4 door style, which is a very under-appreciated body platform, imho.
Gary H.

October 13, 1999.

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