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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Jon Lepage writes:

This project started about 10 years ago.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Shortly after moving to PA, this car was spotted right next door to me, rotting on the side of the road. It was a 1965 Plymouth Satellite with power windows and a 318 poly motor. The interior as well as the body was trashed. The motor started and that's about it.

But for whatever the reason I was lured to this car like a magnet. I turned to the wife and said we will own this car one day! A year latter I approached the owner regarding selling it. Not interested at the time!!

Approximately two months later he approached me and the deal was struck...$500.00 dollars later it was ours.

I then lost intrest in the car, really no motivation to work on it, since I had a 1969 Dodge Super Bee! I asked my brother(who lives in Mass) if he was interested in the Satellite. He said yes, and bought the car for the same price from me.

Well it turns out that I ended up building the motor for him while he did the interior and body in Massachusetts.

About a year later the car was done. It never ran that great though; minor problems with the electrical and the ingintion.

The car was driven to Mass and used very little. It sat in my brother's garage for a few years and then he lost intrest in it. He then sold the car to one of my friends back here in PA.

Well this friend was not mechanically inclined, did not have a garage, and did not have the tools to work on it. He paid $2000.00 for the car, which was quite a deal compared to what my brother had into it.

The car sat out in the weather for another 2 years until I could no longer take it. I aproached the new owner regarding selling it. At first he seemed not interested, but after 3-5 months he agreed to sell the car back to me.

This time it cost me $900.00 dollars. I made a promise to myself that this time the car will NOT beat me.

Before starting the resto it sat out in the weather another 1 1/2 years. Well here we are, at the begining stages.

I am so glad i found your Web site. Those people have been so much help and im sure will continue to be until its finished.

I still have the Super Bee. I am building this car for my wife. She is really into it!. That is if it ever gets finished!

Now,now!! promises promises. Thanks and I will send updates as they happen.

1965 Plymouth Satellite paint gets removed    1965 Plymouth Satellite paint gets removed

1965 Plymouth Satellite - all paint  removed    1965 Plymouth Satellite new floor

1965 Plymouth Satellite, rust gone,  paint in primer    1965 Plymouth Satellite motor awaits

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Thanks, Jon!

It seems beyond all fate that this Satellite was just destined to stay in your family. :-)

As seen in the pictures, the restoration is a family effort, too!

And you are lucky your wife claimed the Plymouth for her Mopar ride, as otherwise that cool "coffee table" may not have made it to the front room! :-)

Sounds like you are doing a good restoration job. Keep up the good work!

Gary H.

February 16, 2001; page two added June 9, 2002

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