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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Jere Leonards writes:

I have a 1963 no post Belvedere with the
original 318 Poly and pushbuttons!
1963 Plymouth Belvedere

This winter's project is to build a 426 Max block up for the Belve'. She will be getting 12:1 Jahns pistons, a 509 cam, 850 Holley, headers, 3 inch exhaust system, electronic ignition, and 3:91 Sure Grip rear.

I'll keep ya posted when it's all together and trollin the streets. lol

Update November 2003

My project finally nears an end with my '63 Belvedere, from a 318 Poly to the 413 big block.

I ended up using a 509 cam,
Edelbrock Torker intake,
redone AFB,
Mopar Hi-Performance
Electronic Ignition,
Accel Coil,
Pi-Vol Oil Pump, &
windage tray.
1963 Plymouth Belvedere 413

Also included in the 318 to 413 changeover were: custom Bob Cole TorqueFlite (pushbutton) with ProTorgue 3000 convertor, 3.55 SureGrip, newer styl rear endnd (no tapered axles), superstock springs, front disc brakes utilizing a manual master cylinder and a custom 2 1/2 inch exhaust, with crossover.

The old girl moves on out pretty well! It's not a 4 cyl, 30 mpg ride, but it sure is fun, and gets to triple digits fast!

1963 Plymouth Belvedere 413 The project was costly and took time
but worth every cent in enjoyment!

Great looking Plymouth Jere!

Looks like you will have a fun winter project as well!

After that, an even better new year awaits you and your Mopar. :-)

Re the project update: Hum... "not a 4 cyl, 30 mpg ride...sure is fun...orth every cent in enjoyment" sums it up nicely!

Good job!

Gary H.

October 29, 2001; updated November 6, 2003

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