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1964 Dodge 880

Dennis Larson wrote:

Here are some pictures of my car. It is a former California Highway Patrol car having served in the Fresno, California office.

1964 Dodge 880

The first picture with me in it is how the car looks right now. That is at its first Emergency Vehicle Show in Ripon, Calif last Oct. I got first place in Daily Driver class that day.

I bought it in May of 1999 and have been slowly working on it. I located the car through an add in Hemmings Motor News. The previous owner had bought the car from the CHP in 1966 and had used it for his daily driver untill 1986. He then parked it (covered by a tarp) in his backyard, starting it several times a year. He didn't like the x-police car look so he went about changing it as much as possible. Adding green shag carpeting and new seatcovers, installing a factory airconditioner. Painting the dash green and installing the orig. fender penstars on the fenders. Even putting on full size Pontiac hubcaps. I knew my job was cut out for me, but I bought it anyway.

I am just now finishing the installation of the 413. I have converted it over to electronic distributor.

I have also put the original seats back in it after reupholstering them. This car had bucket seats originally which were still in the second owners garage.

1964 Dodge 880

I found some bias ply tires of correct size and located the original style hubcaps at a swap meet, finally.

1964 Dodge 880

The Pushbutton tranny is still going strong at 240K mi.

The car is going to be restored to look like an active duty CHP Patrol Cruiser. Most of the equipment I have already located and will install shortly after I finish the engine and then the Paint!!!

1964 Dodge 880

This is the only known 64 880 X-CHP car to still exist. I have located a 63 in Southern Calif. that is already restored. Additionally one 61 and two 65 Polara's in Northern Calif also exist.

Update June, 2000:

I am just finshing up painting the dash now. Next is paint.

1964 Dodge 880 engine transplant

Update October, 2000:

Here is a picture of my restored 1964 Dodge 880:

1964 Dodge 880 patrol

Thanks, Dennis!

Mopar cop cars were THE choice for law enforcement agencies for many years. You will have a great highway machine AND a genuine piece of American history!

Glad to see the restoration went so well. The Dodge looks great!


Gary H.

January 30, 2000; revised October 8, 2000

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