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1964 Plymouth Savoy

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Steve writes:

I just purchased a 1964 Belvedere Savoy 2 door post. The cars VIN indicates it was but a lowly six cylinder beater. But in the early seventies it was turned into a legal Super Stocker and was raced with a Hemi and a four speed. When I bought it though it has been beaten badly and very little remains of the Savoy, just a shell. 1964 Plymouth Savoy

The Mopar was last titled to a Dom Rinaldi in Woodbridge, NJ. It seems to have been last raced at the 1978 NHRA Summer nationals at Englishtown as the competition decal is still on the 1/4 window.

Anyone who has info on this car's past let me know; this would be greatly appreciated as I have run into many walls trying to find out anything about the car's history. Maybe there are some old pictures floating around somewhere of this car?

Also I am planning to restore and campaign it as a legal Super Stocker again and was wondering what the numbers were for the original 1964's with the aluminum front ends? Did Plymouth install Hemi's or Max wedges in any of these cars without the aluminum fronts?

I am being told by NHRA that I have to have the aluminum pieces to be legal whereas IHRA has legal approved fiberglass replacements.


Lastly I am in need of lots of interior parts as this car was stripped bare before I got it, Does anyone have good referrals for parts, pieces or a parts car?

Update: April 2002

I have been able to contact the former owner
and builder of my car! Many thanks to J. Craig
for contacting me! He saw my car on this Web
site and responded to me with the information
about Dom's whereabouts.
1964 Plymouth Savoy - Old Fashioned Seltzer
1964 Plymouth Savoy - Old Fashioned Seltzer 1964 Plymouth Savoy - Old Fashioned Seltzer

His name is Dom Rinaldi Sr. and now resides in Maine. He runs a automotive restoration business with his son Don Jr. They have lots of nice classics in their inventory.

Dom told me about lots of past history for this car. It started life as a lowly six cylinder car, pale green in color. The six was replaced with a max wedge and automatic. Mr. Rinaldi was very gracious and sent me some pictures of the car including an old newspaper article of an encounter with Englishtown's track blower.

1964 Plymouth Savoy - Double Dynamite The car was run with two different paint schemes as the sponsorship changed directions.

I have enjoyed talking to Mr. Rinaldi and look forward to talking more with his son as this project progresses.

As you can see from the first picture and the pictures from Mr. Rinaldi the car has suffered a fair amount of neglect and abuse over the years.

I am still in search of a parts donor car? I have a lead on a couple locally, but no luck with the owners yet.

Also need some info on locating any aluminum panels (i.e., scoop, hood, fenders, doors) as well as lightweight glass, if any even exist anymore for this car.

The Plymouth is ready to go to the stripper to get a dip and a new look, then the drivers floor pan will be replaced and then off to the chassis man.

We have been discussing the chassis and have some interesting ideas we want to try in that department.

I will send some progress shots when I get them.

Good catch, Steve!

I'm sure someone will know more about the '64's history and help you out with that and your other questions!

Good luck with the restoration!

Re: Update: Great! It is amazing what knowledge resides "out there" in the Web.  smile!

Gary H.

October 11, 2001; April 14, 2002; December 23, 2004

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