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1965 Plymouth Fury III

Herb Langston writes:

This Fury is my pride and joy.

It came from Covington, GA. with 41,000 miles on it. The paint as been re-done, but not wet sanded or buffed out and I still haven't gotten around to it. However I have done some work on the interior, mostly clean up and polish. Dash pad is perfect, had to have seats re-done (and to org.except the chrome strip that went across the back of the seats) because of seams pulling lose.

Guys I drove this thing home 32 miles with tires that had crackes big enouph to put your thumb nail in. Straight to Firestone we went, have a older friend that has worked for them a long time. He called a few days later and he had made some phone calls . Found out the tires on there where made in 1969 so I'm guessing they where the first replacements.

I will send a picture showing the car just days before I made the purchase of this fine "C-Body". It's equipped with the Commando 383 V-8, with factory air. After taking it to a friend of mine who restores and repairs old cars to look it over, he called me to say that I came out to the good, brakes where fine, trans was fine, etc. Harold said the compressor even looked fine and wanted to charge it to make sure. Folks, it held that charge all summer long, showing some sign of leaking at one fitting now.

The things I've done besides interior: replaced seals in transmission; major tune-up; carb rebuild; brake-wheel/master rebuild; dual exhaust with sweet tunes coming out of them.

Next I'll wet sand, re-chrome the bumpers and trim, change to a 4 bbl. intake, work on the rear windows up/dn mechanism, and on and on!

Folks you just have to ride down the Interstate in one of these monsters with a big block in it. Windows up with the A/C going around 55/60 miles, someone comes up beside you. Just looking you know, then you punch it! It drops down one gear and those "tunes" roll out the tips of those two pipes, as you pull away from them you can see the smiles on their faces and the thumbs up as you back off and they come by again. Just as Chrysler has done many times before you look at this big thing sitting low to the ground, with fender skirts, and what a nice car!

There's just something about that Mopar mystique!

Update February 2002

383 1965 Plymouth Fury 1965 Plymouth Fury

Pictures taken bafore I bought the Plymouth.

I've wet sanded the finish and the car looks better now. Next is the 383. I'm saving to have it gone through from top to bottom and give it a little more power.

Then I believe I will remove all the trim and have it refinished. The above picture of the Plymouth parked between the Chevy and the Dodge shows the car's dull trim.

Since then I took a buffing wheels, a drill and a Dremel tool with PRO Aluminum Polish and got some shine to it by the time I brought it to the car show.

1965 Plymouth Fury 1965 Plymouth Fury

The Fury enjoys an August 2001 Car Show...

I love this car! What a ride!

After I get this Plymouth done in a couple of years I'll look for something to jerk my head know: FUN!

Thanks, Herb!

You found a great, original version of Plymouth's return to the BIG crusin'highway Mopars!

Congratulations, these are under-appreciated Mopars by a lot of folks.

You, of course, know better! :-)

Gary H.

February 11, 2001, revised February 22, 2002

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