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1964 Dodge 880

James Kuenzi writes:

We just bought this car from
our neighbor who put all
of 49,000 miles on it.
1964 Dodge 880

Since it sat around for the last 4 years it finally was showing some rust and she decided to sell it.

We picked it up just in time!

The Dodge has never seen the freeway, so we have spent a little time just driving it.

The engine is a 361 or 383 v8 2 barrel with 3 speed Torqeflite transmission, am radio and no air conditioning; (we live next to the beach).

The transmission fluid needs to be changed and some basic components upgraded but it runs and does not smoke.

1964 Dodge 880

We plan to put a new aluminum water pump and aluminum housing, four barrel manifold and carb and dual exhaust.

The car has the original Bermuda Turquoise paint with turquoise interior.

By the way, we are searching for tail light lenses, chrome side trim and a trunk/key shield emblem. Anyone?

Update March 2004

I have mostly concentrated on detailing the 361 engine
the way that I like, adding a Performer intake and 600cfm carb.
361 engine in 1964 Dodge 880
1964 Dodge 880 I stole the wheels off of my wife's car for this photo...hee hee.

When we can afford to do so, the body and interior will be refreshened.

But since this is still a young car at 51,000 original miles, we drive it everywhere.
Thanks, James!

You picked up a good one there!

Yes, indeed, they don't like to just sit, so go ahead and have fun driving the Dodge!   smile!

Gary H.

April 8, 2002; March 8, 2004

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