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1964 Dodge 440

Randy Kruse writes:

1964 Dodge 440

Believe it or not I am the proud owner of a 1964 Dodge 440 sedan with (really) 16,800 original miles, (honest).

1964 Dodge 440

The car was garaged for 28 years, and never run. I acquired it in May of this year and have just finished getting it back on the road. (After a good bit of money and a lot of skinned knuckles....) The car still sports the PA inspection sticker that expired in April of 1972.

I just recently acquired my antique plates for it.

After 2 months of massaging the paint, it don't look bad!!

1964 Dodge 440

Even though I am probably a GM man at heart, I have come to really appreciate the older Mopars, and your website. I must confess, it has given me ideas and convinced me to return my old Dodge to original. Too many people stop, stare and smile.

1964 Dodge 440

"Look Mildred, this car has the pushbutton transmission. My dad had one just like it." You'd be amazed how many people learned to drive in a car with a pushbutton transmission and torsion bar suspension.

1964 Dodge 440

I just wish that Mopar would reproduce parts for these cars, or some other company such as "The Paddock" or "Year One." Unfortunately, Bow Ties and Blue Ovals get all the attention.

Thanks, Randy!

Wow, that is a great find!    I suggest you caught a scent of what a lot of the Mopar mystique means: kind of quirky, with parts availability a challenge, but sure to draw a crowd at any car show.

These Mopar characteristics are even more evident with the '62 to '65 models!

One of my favorite stories recounts how I took a '62 Plymouth for a State Safety Inspection. The inspector got in the car and just stared, bewildered. He was inactive, sort of quasi-paralyzed for a while.

I had to go over and show him how to push a button to engage the tranny! Heh, heh. Made my day!

It makes me feel very good that this web site has helped inspire you to get this Dodge back out where you, and others, may enjoy viewing the Dodge!

Have fun with your Mopar!

Gary H.

September 8, 2000; revised September 21, 2000; March 9, 2001

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