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1963 Dodge 330 and Polara

Polara Kid Dave K. writes:

These pictures are the only electronic file pictures I currently have...

1963 Dodge Polara
of my 1963 Polara with RB440 and B and M floor shifted 727 Torqueflite...

1963 330 with Max Wedge
and my 63 330 with the Max Wedge and pushbutton Torqueflite.

The Polara picture is from Gateway Classic Cars and the 330 picture is from Wayne's Mopar Restorations who sold me these 2 cars.

Also, here are two underside views of the inside hood: 1 & 2

Visit Dave's Superstock Mopar Garage Web Site for more information and pictures of his 1963 Dodges!

Wow, Dave!

As a fan a 1963 Dodges I can say I really understand why you have to have a smile on your face all the time when in the presence of your Dodges! :-)

Gary H.

May 28, 2001; December 28, 2001; July 21, 2002

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