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1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

Knud-erik writes from Denmark: I bought this 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury for $5700 U.S. dollars. In Denmark it is a fair price.

The Mopar was born with a V-8 and a 3-speed manual columm shift; these did not come with the car, instead a 360 from 1974 and a A-904 came with it.

I do not intend on using the 904. I have purchased two A-833 4-speeds, witch cost me $1900 U.S. (one of them is brand new). And then I bought two 361 V-8s from 1963 from the Danish Army; I think they were mounted in personnel armoured carrieres. The two 361’s; cost me $300 U.S.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, driver side front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, passenger side front

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, driver side, on trailer

I am currently taking the Sport Fury apart; it will need to be totally restored. However the body work was made in 1979 and the car has not left the garage since then.

From the papers I can see that the Mopar came to Denmark early 1962, and drove until 1978. Unfortunately there is no fender tag or build sheet, only the vin number and the so number on the rear shelf, under the rear window.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, rear
The pictures show when my brother (the guy on the picture) and me picked the Plymouth up.

Anyway wish me luck!

Update July 2009

I just picked up my new 360 in Sweden, and joined in on the powermeet as well, it was great fun, a lot of 50 and 60 Chrysler vehicles there.

Well I took the 360 apart on his trailer, saying I would pay the price if it was nice. It was so I handed him approx. 2600 us$.

The valves are so big that there is no room for enlargement, the ports are huge. The pistons are forged 11.5-1 it has forged rods, a purple cam and rocker arms that are adjustable. With hardend pushrods it looks like com cam kit but its steel not aluminium. Larger valve springs inner and outer. (the inner looks strange) it has this Offenhauser 360 intake and the 750 doubble pump Holley. And electronic ignition. Everything looks beutifull. And I am really looking forward to putting it in the car. I have finished with the body work in the engiene bay and a pillars and cowl and firewall and front window frame. And the frame itself. And of course inner fenders in engine bay. I believe that I have replaced 50% of the metal. But it feels great to have gotten this far. Still cant get that flywheel, it keeps slipping away from me.

Update June 2011

I am getting really close to finishing the car. Only waiting for the master brake cylinder from Wilwood. I need it for the discs up front and no boster. And a few other small parts.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, passenger side front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, passenger side rear

I have grown to love the Plymouth, even though I have never driven this car or anything like it; (my first U.S. car). It is going to be a great experience taking the Mopar out on the road for the first time in my life.

The 360 LA that came out of a Swedish 1/4 mile car (a Valiant) was built for race. It has 340 X heads, larger valves, valve springs, ported, race cam, hydraulic lifters, manual valve adjustment, 11.5-1 high dome forged pistons, forged rods, windage tray, special main and cam bearings (looks funny black/gray with bras/kobber remnants) was told they were fine.

Headers, 2 1/4 exhaust starting 3 at headers and going down, intake Offenhauser Turbo 360, 750 cfm Holley dp manual secondary. Socal 1965 aircleaner, oilpan that holds 10 litres.

Gearbox is A-833 4-speed wide ratio; I was told it came from a R/T Dodge 1971. Rear end is 8 3/4 with 3.55 ratio.

Suspension is 0.920 torsion front, rear New Super stock leafsprings. I have installed poly bushings everywhere. The steering box is manual that I took apart and gave it new parts. The rest is all new steering balls. Upper arms are tube.

Brakes are Wilwood main cylinder ventilated disc front and brand new drums rear. No booster.

Wheels are 8x15 from Aero Race Wheels with large wheel nuts.

I have no idea what I have built! Never tried it before on US cars, it just feels right. And it appears so evil compared to other cars. It did not start out this way, only wanted a car that I could cruise a bit. With a mild engine. It just took me somewhere else (stopped counting the expenses at 27,000,- US dollar). I am getting to the finish line and I am broke as I have never been before, But still have a job so it will be ok.

It is important to get the input from the amazing 1962 to 1965 Mopar List. No one around here does what I do, style or make, not even in my U.S. car club, (named: The American Way). My Mopar is one out of two 1962 Plymouths in Denmark, these 1962 Mopars are really rare in this corner of the world, being Dodge, Chrysler or Plymouth.

See more photos of the Plymouth!

Contact Knud-erik: 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, contact owner


Much luck with this fun project!  smile!

Gary H.

July 19, 2008; July 10, 2009; June 18, 2011

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