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1965 Dodge Polara

KhaosInc writes:

I'm slowly but surly putting back together three '62-'65 Mopars.

The first is my rescued '65 Polara.

1965 Dodge Polara front

This car was towed into a junkyard while a friend was there getting some parts, and bought for $200.

All I have really had to do to it (after its 12 year sleep)-- other than several hours with the pressure washer to uncover the car from an inch of green fuzz -- has been fluid changes, front brakes and a little arguing with the carb.

1965 Dodge Polara pass side front

Currently the car is my daily driver.

The second is my A-100 van, that I bought with 320,000 miles on the original motor. I have driven it on and off as a work truck for the last 3 years. Recently a later model Powerwagon has let it relax while I clean up the body and chase some wiring issues.

The third is my 65 Barracuda. Currently the front end is disassembled and there is to much stuff in the garage to get a pic right now!


You made an excellent find with the '65 Polara. Talk about a fun daily driver!

Your other projects sound like great fun, too.   smile!

Gary H.

August 25, 2002

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