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1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible

Kent wrote:

First I would like to say GREAT cars to all that post on this Web site!

I wanted to show a picture of a Satellite convertible that is now in process of restoration. Yeah, that is right: I can't let these cars go to waste!

This Satellite was a parts car for someone puting a 1965 Dodge convertible together. It had sat outside since around '74.

The top rotted off, rotting the floor; the hood was gone, therefore the engine compartment is trash.

1965 Plymouth Satellite 1965 Plymouth Satellite
1965 Plymouth Satellite 1965 Plymouth Satellite
So, why would anyone want to take on such a project?

My answer is: They do not make these cars and they are very rare!

These cars, like all Mopars, have a styling that put the brand X cars to shame....

This project will take a couple of years to complete, but when it is done there will be one more great old Mopar on the road!

I will send updates so anyone can see the progression of a true rags to riches story!

Good luck to all working on their Mopar restorations....

Visit Kent's 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II!

Thanks, Kent!

You said it all in your note!

Congratulations for saving another Plymouth!

Gary H.

December 9, 2001

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