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1962 Dart  — Universal Machine

Edmond writes: The vintage photo shows my Dart the early 1970’s. I now have the Mopar torn apart restoring it. Also I am replacing fender wells they were chopped out for headers.

I sold the Dodge in 1976. But I brought it back in 2003. The Mopar had sat outside when I brought it back from the time I sold it. Mice ate the seats and headliner; it had been primer.

But it only have about 2500 mines on the car. I have the build sheet and info from Chrysler museum and a copy of the punch card. The only thing I lost the fender tag, so I need to get a reproduction. But I have all the paperwork stating the Dart is a factory max wedge car.
1962 Dart, Universal Machine

I also have 2 four door 1962 Darts.

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April 4, 2008

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