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1963 Plymouth Fury

John writes: Here are some photos of one of my other projects, a 1963 Plymouth Fury.

1963 Fury

I bought the car out of Maryland and trailered it back to Ohio.

1963 Fury engine

It is currently a 318 poly with a pushbutton automatic. I would like to keep it a pushbutton using a later model linkage type trans. If anyone has done this before, contact me.

Future plans call for a 440 with eagle rods, 590 solid cam, Max Wedge intake and exhaust manifolds, repo Max heads, and repo exhaust. Trans will have a 10inch 3800 Dynamic convertor, and the rear will have a 4.30 suregrip 8 3/4. The car will be repainted black with a white stripe between the chrome.

1963 Fury interior  1963 Fury interior

I hope I can figure out a way to keep the interior as stock as possible. Legendary Interiors told me they do not make this pattern =( . If anybody has ideas, feel free to email me.

And if you have any max wedge parts that you are willing to part with reasonbly, don't hesitate to email me.

1963 Fury rear

Update, November 2001

Here is my latest purchase for my 1963 fury. These came from California from a guy that was selling his collection of parts. Next on the list is a set of repro max heads!

crossram intake max exhaust

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April 6, 2001; November 26, 2001
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