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1962 Dodge Dart Wagon

1962 Dart in the weeds
The Hunt

John writes:

Here are a few pics of the station wagon my brother in law and I found. The car was "ours" for $300 and 6 hours of digging it out of the wet Missouri mud! We dug down 2ft. and it was still soft! I swear!

1962 Dart in the weeds 1962 Dart in the weeds
The Capture

The car was instantly worth another $300 once we got it out, hehehehe.

1962 Dart 318 It has a 318 poly with pushbutton transmission.

The car sat for 12 years.

So I popped in a fresh battery , changed the oil, put a different set of drums on the front, because the other ones were locked. A fresh fuel supply and drove it down the road. Unbelievable! This thing runs good! The odometer shows 72,000 miles.

1962 Dart on trailer 1962 Dart on trailer
Domestication? NAH! Think Super Stock!

We are hoping to transform this one into a nostalgia super stock car. And it will be painted the factory 2 tone. Red with a white top.

Thanks again for posting one of my many Mopars!
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Thanks, John!

Only real '62 to '65 Mopar fans would spend the time to dig out a 1962 Dart wagon from 12 years of sinkin' into soft clay mud.

You and your brother in law are men after my own heart! :-)

As I see it, the "hunt" and "capture" are a great part of the hobby!

Once you get the super stock version of the wagon going, the competition will wish you left it in the field! :-)

Which is ANOTHER great part of the hobby!

Keep us posted, please.

Gary H.

June 10, 2001.

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