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1964 Plymouth Fury

Jorge writes:

I'm glad to find this Web site and also am glad to see that I am not alone,
as I recently purchased a '64 Fury in great shape from Texas.
1964 Plymouth Fury side

1964 Plymouth Fury front 1964 Plymouth Fury rear
1964 Plymouth Fury interior 1964 Plymouth Fury 361 engine

The current motor is a 361 c.u. and runs great, but I am having a 440 built that will have about 450 hp to be fitted into the car next spring.
Good purchase, Jorge!

You certainly are not alone in appreciation of these B bodies. They helped set the tone for the " muscle cars" of the later 1960's.

But the early B bodies hold up quite well in races against the later 60's and early 70's factory hot rods.  smile!

Gary H.

December 29, 2002

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