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1965 Plymouth Satellite

John Johnson writes:

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed crusin' thru your web site. I like all the old MoPars, but it is nice to see a site dedicated to the early B's.

I currently have a 1965 Plymouth Satellite that my father gave me after he couldn't bear to part it out after getting it home in December of 1988.

1965 Plymouth Satellite

He originally bought it for parts for a 1965 Satellite he bought in 1967. There was a lot of years his 1965 served as a family car/work truck when he wanted, but couldn't afford a truck. When I say it served as a truck I really mean it. He had tools from the back of the back seat, clear to the back of the trunk. Well, he finally got a truck in the late 70's and he put the old Mope' up. It served as a spare car for a number of years before I got busted for drag racing in it. He pretty much left it sit since. He now is talking about getting it out and redoing all the brakes and steering so he can take it out once in awhile.

I guess it runs in the family. Dad started it with that one 1965 Satellite he bought in 67. Now my dad, my brother (Donny Johnson aka theBuckeye Brawler, and myself all own 1965 carriage top cars.

1965 Plymouth Buckeye Brawler

Thanks alot for the hard work you have invested in all of our interests.
Thanks John!

Quite a Mopar family! Good going!

Gary H.

May 17, 2001.

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