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1965 Dodge Grand Spaulding A-990 clone

Bob writes:
Here is a Grand Spaulding A-990 clone car
with all the Goodies:
1965 Dodge  engine 426 Mr. Norm A990 clone
1965 Dodge Mr. Norm A990 clone
1968 Race HEMI motor, roller cam, magnesium
cross ram intake, custom headers, 3 inch
exhaust, 1965 727 trans, 10 inch convertor,
reverse manual valve body, glass hemi hood,
slightly narrowed Dana 60 SS springs...

1965 Dodge Mr. Norm A990 clone interior ...and a new red interior, with light weight bucket seat mounts,
roll cage, and no wheel tubs!

1965 Dodge Mr. Norm A990 clone

This is a truly killer car with enough street manners to go to
the car show, and watch the mouths drop open when this car rolls
in the lot and sets off all the car alarms in a city block....

Update: See New Owner!

Cool Thanks!

Indeed, FUN is what come to mind thinking of driving this Dodge to the local car show! :-)

Gary H.

September 9, 2001; December 8, 2004

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