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1964 Ddoge 440

1964 Dodge 440

Jason B. Jones writes about his 440 2 dr. sedan:

That is the way the car is now. Future upgrades occuring next spring/summer include: Hopefully one day I will have it pushbutton again and some A-100 bucket seats on alum brackets.

Oh yeah, the pic of the engine was taken just after it was set in, therefore, no fuel line, throttle linkage, radiator hoses, etc. All of which has since been remedied.

1964 Dodge 440 engine

Also the car was fitted with 30x9 Firestone slicks at the time the photos were taken. Old Pro Tracs are fitted to Cragers to match the front.
1964 Dodge 440

Well thats all I can think of for now. Thanks Gary and keep up the good work! JASON

Thanks Jason. You have a very fine '64. Please keep us informed as to how your planned upgrades to the Mopar proceed.
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