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1965 Plymouth Barracuda

'65 Plymouth Barracuda

Jack Dofelmire writes:
Here are some pictures of our '65 Barracuda. We bought it about 2 months ago. It had 55,000 original miles on it. No dents and just a little surface rust behind the driver's door. The interior is in great shape with just a few tears in the front seats. Unfortunately, someone put duct tape on them and made them worse. We redid the carpeting behind the back seat and it looks great for amateurs.

'65 Plymouth Barracuda

Also, we found a stock four-barrel intake manifold and bought a new carb.

'65 Plymouth Barracuda
It looks and runs great. We bought the car for $1800.

Thanks, Jack. You got a great deal! Enjoy the Fish & all the 'thumbs up' the Mopar will bring!

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