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Note: This car is now for sale. Contact Steve at if interested.

1965 Dodge Coronet convertible

Steve writes:

I am the 2nd owner of this car. It was purchased at a local (Rock Island, Illinois - now long gone), dealership as a Christmas present for the previous owner's wife. They belonged to a Square Dancing Camping Club and travelled the US in the car going to dances, ect. In 1974 they decided to quit driving the car daily. In 1977 they tried to trade it in on a new Dodge pick up, but were told to take the "old car" home, as the dealership didn't want it in on trade. The car sat until July of 1989, when they auctioned off their household goods and vehicles. They were retiring and moving to Texas. I purchased the car at that time and had it towed home. After fresh gasoline, and water I drove it around the block before I started the engine tear down. I worked on it off & on for several months,(spreading the cost out). Here's some more info on my car:

1965 Dodge Coronet convertible

After the car was mechanically sound, I drove it to two different "Street Machine National's" car shows in Southern Illinois. I have never used it as a daily driver in non-sunshine weather. I think I was caught in the rain in it once several years ago. Generally, the sun must be shining for me to drive it. I think it looks best with the top down, so I lower the top in the Spring and raise in the Fall, before I put it away for the winter. I keep the battery charged and start it every 4 - 6 weeks, year around.
1965 Dodge Coronet convertible dash 1965 Dodge Coronet convertible seats
1965 Dodge Coronet convertible side 1965 Dodge Coronet convertible rar

Here is a summary of points about the D0dge, as I have decided to sell the convertible:
Thanks Steve,

The Dodge looks like a nice ride for someone to pick up on!

Gary H.

November 5, 2001.

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