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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Jim Hunter writes:

I had a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere 4 speed street wedge in my youth and wanted a similar car to play with in my "mid life crisis."

My other requirement was that the Mopar I found had to shift through a 4 speed.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

After searching everywhere I came across this pristine 1964 Sport Fury with a 383 four barrel -- and with a 4 speed.

This was like searching for, and finding, a needle in a haystack.

I immediately snapped it up!
Good going, Jim!

Nothing quite matches the fun of a four speed Mopar!

Hum, except perhaps a 426 Hemi pushbutton combo, I guess. ;-)

Seriously, congratulations on finding your Sport Fury. It looks great and I know it is lots of fun to drive!


Gary H.

December 17, 2001

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