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1963 Plymouth Savoy "Blue Max"

Dave Hudson wrote:

1963 Plymouth Blue Max

The photos were taken in 1965.

The car was a clone from the start, it was a steel '63 with fiberglass front! It was never street driven or licensed.

We had no problem running with the Aluminum cars; no one cared at that time. In the photo [left] you can see my dad's 427 Fomoco that we flat towed the '63 with. Later we built a ramp truck. He was a Ford man and I a Mopar. We used to have great times, this was one of the few races he attended.

We had the Blue Max name before anyone heard of the Texas funny car.

1963 Plymouth Blue Max

We raced this car around the West Virginia, KY area and some East Coast sites in 1965, 1966 and 1967.

The car was campaigned in western Pa. and in eastern Ohio.

Thanks, Dave!

These Mopars sure brought a lot of families great times!

The memory of such 'time capsule' images burns bright.

Who would have thought that these Mopars would STILL remain competitive and ignite passion decades after they were manufactured!

Very cool!

Gary H.

October 13, 2000

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