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1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

Tom Hoffman wrote:

I have had the car for about 5 years, finished for about 3. The car is driven reguarly on the street and runs mid 12's at the strip.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

It orignally came with a 318, but that just wasn't big enough. I replaced the engine, and did all the paint, mechanical work with the help of my kids Dave, Doug, and Carolyn. I have original style American Torque Thrust wheels all around and run slicks at the strip, but the car has turned 12.90 on the street tires with closed exhaust, air cleaner removed.

As someone else said on your web page, you either love those '62's or hate 'em, and I have always loved 'em.

Thanks, Tom. I love 'em too!
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