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1962 Chrysler 300 and Chrysler Newport

Jerry (taperboy) writes:

The non-letter 300 the creature is red w/red int, 383 auto; the Green Mochine is two tone, 4 door sedan Newport; (I've not seen another one this color) pea soup over after dinner mint with non original charcoal/black interior. I'm working on painting it starting sometime this summer, hopefully.

1962 Chryslers 1962 Chryslers

1962 Chryslers and 1964 Fury
Here are the Chryslers with with my brother's light blue and white 1964 Fury

Restoration Pictures and Story:

1962 Chrysler before restoration
This is before - notice, a previous owner had painted all non-visible surfaces red. I'm not sure what the plan was there other than perhaps rust prevention.

1962 Chrysler restoration
Other than being rather badly beat up, the car is remarkably solid. More red under hood. Yikes!

1962 Chrysler restoration 1962 Chrysler restoration
The left photo shows more of the red, and one of the small patches done at the bottom of the quarter. The car came apart so easily that the bumper bolts were not even froze up.
The right photo reveals what was there after red was sandblasted from in the headlight bucket areas, also blasted was the front valance with its multitudinous rock chips - only 39 years worth. The front bumper, too came off like a dream (as far as that's possible). All that chrome sure makes a different look on the car.

1962 Chrysler restoration
A prime example of how it gets much worse before it gets better.
The work on the driver's door is where a previous owner got way too close to a pole (or something).

1962 Chrysler restoration
This is in the paint booth, with just the "pea soup" or "bell telephone green" as he put it.
I had the body line on the rear fender done that color too, although it doesn't show well it pics it comes out quite well in person.

1962 Chrysler restoration
Straight out of the paint booth. Still warm! MMMMMMM. Tasty!
He painted under the hood, in the headlight buckets, and the door jambs.
Also he did inside the trunk with rubberized undercoating and then a light splatter of green so it looks like trunk spatter paint.

1962 Chrysler restored
Here she is in full regalia, all the chrome and trim back on. What a relief!
Great Mopar Fleet, Jerry!

And nice restoration on your Newport. It really brings out and shows the power and beauty of these Chryslers! :-)

Gary H.

April 29, 2001; June 30, 2001

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