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What do you call this Hurst shifter?

Howard writes:

Question: Does anyone have the proper technical name and/or part number for this type of Hurst 4-speed 15" shifter? These came from the factory 1965 Belvedere II big block 4-speed cars.

1965? Hurst Shifter

As I recall, the Competition Plus was the 1/4 inch 4-speed shifter with heavier springs in it than the smaller, rounded Hurst shifter. I have called the Hurst Tech line and they told me they did not know the name of it, but that it was not a Chrysler part. These shifters were evidently sent to the Chrysler assembly plants from Hurst. No other auto manufacturer got them. Hurst provided shifters for Oldsmobile, Buick, Mustang, even Ramblers, but no 15-inch, 1/4 inch thick, S-shaped shifters. They were the sole property of B-bodied Dodges and Plymouths, for as far as I can tell, 1965 only.

It's still a mystery.
Thanks, Howard.

Anyone out there who can help solve this mystery?   smile!

Gary H.

February 28, 2002

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