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1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Works In Progress

Marty Hineline writes:
  • Down to body work and paint.
  • Drove this car from Seattle, to Sacramento after it was in storage for 15 years.
  • I didn't have back brakes at the time; (I love old cars without sensors).
  • I have some rust in the trunk and quarters, but the floors are in great shape no rust.
  • Brakes are new and the masters been replaced.
  • 318 2-bbl, dual exhaust, 727 trans.
  • Drive only on the weekend.
1963 Plymouth Fury convertible

Neat, Marty!

Thanks for rescuing a GREAT 'vert like yours from such storage imprisionment!

Keep up the good work with your Plymouth! :-)

Gary H.

October 1, 2000 -- Revised May 28, 2004

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