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1965 Dodge Coronet 440

Dave Hench writes:

1965 Dodge

I'd like to send you before and after pictures if I might....I thought you'd get a kick out of what car looked like before & during bodywork.

1965 Dodge

I got this car for the equivalent of $600 in burglar alarm equipment; it came with an old non-poly 318.

1965 Dodge

1965 Dodge

Note the "uugha" horn behind the grille, and of course all the extra running lights. This car also came with 3 antennas.

1965 Dodge

Here is a shot after completion; (are they ever complete?)
The Dodge is now painted a F**d Truck paint called "Wild Strawberry Pearl Metallic".

It is equipped with a .030" over 440, 727 trannie 3500 rpm stall, 4.10 rear gear, Racer Brown Cam,
Holley Street Dominator intake, and an 855 vacuum secondary carb right from Mopar Performance catalog.

1965 Dodge

This car runs the 1/4 best of 12.06 @ 109.85mph 3950lbs w/me and full exhaust.

Thanks, Dave!

Your Dodge was a great bargain!

You may have to place an alarm in it now! :-)

Nice job!

Gary H.

June 30, 2000

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