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1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Works in Progress

Earl writes:

Enclosed are a couple of pictures of my new toy. I call it my Quad Cab Belvedere.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

It is in decent shape but needs some TLC. I plan to paint it solid bright red with some ghost flames.

I have not made up my mind what to do about the motor. The 318 Poly is the original motor and in good shape.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere 1965 Plymouth Belvedere 318 poly

It would be fun to have a big block, but it would be fun to have a small block also.

The poly 318 now has a 4 barrel, aluminium intake and a mild solid lifter cam. I have ordered a set of headers.

Oh well while I am working on the body this winter I guess it will come to me.

Any suggestions from anyone would be a big help.

Update March 2002

Paint added!
1965 Plymouth Belvedere 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Update: October 2002

Progress: new tires and wheels, frame connectors, new supension both front and rear, new leather seats, window tint and disc brakes in the front.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Fun car, Earl!

My couple pennies is to keep the poly 318.

The wide 318 LOOKS like a big block and will fool the uninitiated. "Got ya a 440 in there!" you'll no doubt hear at a car show as someone looks inside the engine bay when you have the hood open. ;-)

Plus, you say your 318 is in good shape. These are great, dependable motors. When these 318 poly motors are allowed to breathe, (e.g., 4 bbl/headers/duals through turbo mufflers) they go pretty good!

But whatever you decide, it is quite a fun "quad cab" 1965! :-)

Gary H.

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