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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Tom Hecht writes:

This was a 318 car rescued from a California junk yard.

Its home is now in Wisconsin, where it enjoys a 440 with .509 purpleshaft, Mopar Performance intake, with shaved .075 and ported and polished heads.

The interior was completely redone in black and the body is "as we speak" being painted viper red. (This car was originally gold).

1965 Satellite

When I get it painted I'll send some pics, and let you know what kind of times I'm turning.

ps Great site!

Update photos:

1965 Plymouth Satellite Passenger Rear View

1965 Plymouth Satellite Passenger front view

1965 Plymouth Satellite Interior

The 440 that replaced the 318 made the Plymouth a lot of fun to cruise and show, it just wasn't fast enough!

So the '65 got a different engine.

1965 Plymouth Satellite 440 engine 1965 Plymouth Satellite 440 engine

Out of the shop!  See Tom's restored '65!

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Wahoo! Rescued from a junk yard! Love it!

Thanks for seeing the potential in this Plymouth. It looks like a lot of work has already gone into the car.

The car looks pretty good now. When it comes back Red, send some more photos! :-)

RED photos are in! -- Lookin' GREAT!

From junkyard to show stopper! A big virtual pat on the back, Tom! Gary H.

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