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1962 Plymouth Belvedere

Harri Havanka writes:
I have a 1962 Plymouth Belvedere 4 door sedan here in Helsinki, Finland.
It has the original slant six engine and 3 speed manual transmission.

The Belvedere has absolutely no convenience options at all.
1962 Plymouth Belvedere
The Plymouth is all original except for wheels (15 inch) and paint (gray top).

1962 Plymouth Belvedere The Belvedere is one of a few examples of surviving, original (1962) imported U.S. cars;
cars which have not undergone the usual alterations of paint, interior and motor (V-8) (in Finland).

I am also looking for original hubcaps, if reasonably priced.

Thanks, Harri!

That Plymouth is a long way from where it was manufactured, but the Mopar is obviously in good hands.

Lots of folks in the U.S.A. also pull the \6 in favor of a V-8. But others keep the "leaning tower of power" \6 because it tends to run for well past 150,000 miles.

Keep showing off your 1962 Plymouth in Finland. :-)

August 20, 1999, revised February 17, 2004

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