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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Bill Hart writes:

I picked up a 1965 Satellite 2 dr hardtop in 1989 for $800.

The #'s didn't match as the first owners didn't take care of the engine & blew it up.

It had a 318 wide block in it that was sick, so I put a 1972 440 Police Interceptor with a 727 in it.

It still has the original Bucket seat's with the Console between, with the shifter in it.

It still needs a paint job as I didn't want to paint it til the rest of the work was done.


A 1965 Plymouth Satellite is a stunning Mopar and I bet you can't wait for that final paint!

Send some pictures when you have the time. :-)

Gary H.

September 4, 2000

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