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1962 Plymouth Fury convertible

Larry writes:

Our 1962 Fury convertible is exactly like the one I bought new in July of 1962.

1962 Plymouth Fury convertible I restored this car for our 30th wedding anniversary....

My Fury has the pot metal chrome on top of the fenders and rear quarters. This chrome was put on the late Fury's at the factory and added by the dealer's on the some of the cars still at the dealer's when the late Fury came out.
Thanks, Larry!

I can't think of a better wedding anniversary gift!

You're right about the belt moulding; it was added to make the Fury look longer. Most 1962 1/2 Sport Fury models also used the same belt molding extensions.

With or without the mouldings, these cars draw attention wherever they go, as I can attest.   smile!

Gary H.

May 20, 2002

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