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1963 Plymouth Fury

Jack writes:
1963 Plymouth Fury front view My 1963 Fury 2 door hardtop was purchased 10 years ago.

Since then, the Plymouth has gone through total restoration on a rotisserie and was painted 2000 Viper red with a black side stripe.

1963 Plymouth Fury 426 engine 1963 Plymouth Fury 426 engine

The Fury engine bay holds a 426 Max Wedge, with 415 horses and 11 to 1 compression ratio, using an Engel Hughes 288 degree 533 lift cam and lifters and Milidon pan, sparked through a Chrysler electronic distributor and an MSD ignition box, and dumping the exhaust via a Max Wedge style exhaust and Flowmaster mufflers.

The 426 power is transferred to a 3:91 Sure Grip through a 833 Chrysler 4 speed transmission.

1963 Plymouth Fury passenger side view The car is original 383 4 speed car that we bought as an original Max Wedge car,
but we found out later that it was not.

1963 Plymouth Fury driver side

The Fury was a 30th wedding anniversary present from my wife! We owned an original, new 1963 Savoy with the 426 Max Wedge motor that we raced in 1963.

Thanks, Jack!

That's a beautiful '63 you have there!

And a four speed 426 '63 Fury makes QUITE a nice 30th wedding anniversary present!  smile!

Gary H.

October 19, 2002

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