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1965 Dodge Coronet 440

Spence writes:

My '65 Dodge Coronet 440 is a Southern car with no rust. Power is a 413 with a new Mopar Performance 6 pak kit (from Koller Dodge), using a Torqueflite with a 3000 stall from Hurst Performance.

The car is like new--runs good, looks good, a pleasure to drive: I was lucky to get it. The '65 was already painted (white with the red side stripe). I did the 6 pak thing and all of the engine detail work (deep oil pan, trans. converter, and SureGrip rear end).

Now I've got it in my head that I want to spend this winter putting a straight axle under this car. There are very few (that I've seen) with straight axles. The '65 sees about 2000 miles a year and I want a set-up that looks and performs flawlessly -- I don't want a cobbled up mess. I can do my own welding, and fabricating of things such as spring hangers, mounts, etc. but the steering is another story. I want a steering set-up that is tried and true. I have Mopar disc brakes on the front, I want to also retain them, (b bodies don't stop all that well).

I'm probably nuts to do this, but I think the straight axles are such a cool 60's drag car look, and I realize I'd be giving up the really good ride I now have, but I can sacrifice that for the look.

Anyone "out there" advise me where to obtain the set-up I am seeking? Any info would be great.

Anyone have some tips for Spence please e-mail him and help him out!

Thanks, Spence!

I agree the straight axle adds a distinct '65 look to a '65 Dodge or Plymouth!

For example, check out Rich's Plymouth and Dodge.

Looking forward to your further updates!  smile!

Gary H.

September 17, 2002

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