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1962 Plymouth Belvedere and Sport Fury

Hank writes: As you can see, I love the ’62s. The first 1962 Plymouth I owed was a Sport Fury Max Wedge car. I had it from 1963 to 1968, when it got stolen; when stolen it was running a 383 (max wedge was a bit much for the street), but it still had the max wedge exhaust, T85 3 speed and 3.90 8 3/4 rear end. From the day I lost it I said I would build another one!


1962 Plymouth Sport Fury front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury passenger rear


But it took me this long to find a Sport Fury to build.(Boy there’s not many around!)

While looking for a 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury I found a Belevdere, so I built it while looking for the Sport Fury.

The Belevdere is pretty much stock: 318 Poly, 727 transmission; the Sport Fury has a 1972 400 B block and a 1965 727 (still using push buttons), a 1970 Charger 8 3/4 742 case 4.10 gears.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury front 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury and Belvedere

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Thanks, Hank!

That is a great couple of 1962 Plymouths!

Well worth the wait!   smile!

Gary H.

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