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1965 Dodge Coronet 440 Sedan

Håkan Hägglund wrote:

"My brother and me has a Dodge Coronet 440 sedan -65 together, we bought it in -91 for about 1000$ then it was crashed on the right front fender and the frame was also bent. Since then we have had to repair almost everything, at the moment the 727 gearbox is being renovated and i'm repairing the door hinges. Two winters ago we had the engine (a 400cui from -78) completely dissasembled and cleaned, there was a ticking noice in it and we thougt we would have to completely renovate it but it was the cam driving that was broken, so we only replaced that and the piston rings, it works great and has gone about 14000 kilometers since then. Fuel consumption is a bit high though, about 1,8 liters per 10 kilometers but the fuel is so cheap here (1$ per liter) so who cares ;) ."

Thanks, Håkan! Keep the B's going in Sweeden!
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