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1965 Dodge Polara

E. Gruber writes:
I have just purchased a 1965 Dodge Polara.
1965 Dodge Polara

While I have always been a mid-sized Dodge fan, the '65 Polara has made me realize just how underrated the big C-Body Mopars are.

The car has the original 383 2bbl 305+HP big block (420 ft lbs torque) which has been beautifully rebuilt. I am contemplating switching out the intake to accept a 650 to 850 cfm 4bbl next year. Dual exhausts have already been added.

The car needs work on the rear window rollers (which I know nothing about) and a few minor interior additions here and there.

I plan on driving the car a lot and racing it maybe once a month to keep the cobwebs out.

Thanks for providing the most comprehensive Web site on earlier model Mopars (especially C-Bodies) on the net.

Updated photos:

Yes, that is a car seat in the RearSide ViewPicture. This is the weekend family cruiser!

1965 Dodge Polara 1965 Dodge Polara

1965 Dodge Polara, 383

I am still amazed at how well this 35 year old 383 runs. Every person I give a ride to, can't believe the low end torque of this 2 ton monster.

It takes a lot of self-control to keep from melting the tires down through the pavement at every stop sign. For it's size, this car is still relatively very quick and always seems to have a little something in reserve.

Good 'ole groundbreaking Mopar engineering.

PS - I am still amazed at the knowledge and overall class of members of this Web site. I learn something every day and am taking little bits and pieces toward making my Polara better and faster.

Update July 21, 2005

I received this message from Coby C., who purchased this Dodge from E. Gruber: “An Internet buy, I flew up to Illinois and bought this Polara and drove it back to Louisiana in two days with no problems. Good ole big block C-bodys.”

“But I later gave the Polara to my ex girlfriend and in 2003 she was hit by a drunk driver. The Dodge was totalled but she not seriously injured. I guess being surrounded by all that steel helped out.”

You have discovered what even many Mopar fans don't realize: the BIG Mopars are awesome cars!

And talk about a FAMILY cruiser! :-)

Keep us posted on how things progress!

And thanks for the nice words about the '62 to '65 Web Site. More to come!

RE Update: Sorry to hear the Dodge was destroyed, but the Mopar gave many years of fun driving!

Gary H.

September 10, 2000; Revised November 12, 2000; July 21, 2005

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