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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

'63 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

Gary Rife said:

Just a note to let the '62-'65 MoPar lovers know there will be a '63 Sport Fury Convertible back on the road in 1999.

Well that's the plan.

My wife and I purchased the car February 2, 1998, in Houston and have been gathering parts ever sense. She keeps telling me we purchased the car to drive and enjoy not work on. Hopefully in the near future, we will find a parts donor car that we can use to speed up the process.

This is not intended to paint a negative picture as you can tell by the attached picture the car is in pretty good shape. However, there are a couple of rust spots on the rear quarter panels and the trunk lid. The floor and trunk pans are in good shape, for a convertible this is pretty good. However, the car sat with the top down in a large garage with uncovered windows for 12 years. Sun has bleached out the instrument panel and turned the vinyl seats into bricks. By the way, the shinny spots on the paint were caused by me leaning against the car from time to time over a period of 9 months trying to talk the previous owner into selling it to me. The previous owner did start the car periodically and the engine, transmission and brakes work ok. At least they sounded ok.

When we purchased the car being only 40 miles to our house we decided to drive it home. About 20 miles down the road, smoke, and indescribable sounds erupted from under the hook. I stopped the car and sat there thinking about all the terrible things that could have gone wrong. When my nerves settled down, I raised the hood and discovered a bearing in the alternator had failed. I cut the alternator belt and drove home on the battery, talking to the Lord all the way. We made it home, OK. and I am now a believer in trailers.

We plan on changing the color to red. So next year if you see a red '63 Sport Fury Convertible in the Houston and all you can see on the drivers face is a big smile, that will be me.

I would like to give a big thank you to Gary Hamel, for helping me find parts and services and giving good advice on how to restore my '63.

Thanks, Gary! Really, thank you for having the foresight and wisdom to restore the ragtop Sport Fury. I must admit I do have a tad of self interest here. I certainly intend to join you in a few cruises in that '63 in the future!

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