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1965 Plymouth Fury III

1965 Plymouth Fury III, driver side Dan G. writes: I am a fresh old Mopar owner. My 1965 Plymouth Fury III is a strong 383 / 727
car with all new interior, and a very solid body. The Mopar is soon to be sprayed copper poly,
the original color, and a 512 inch B block stroker is on the stand awaiting tucking into the engine
1965 Plymouth Fury III, 383 engine 1965 Plymouth Fury III, interior
I am keeping the 1960’s street car feel with
Torque Thrust 15’s a Hemi scoop and paint the motor
orange to conceal the aluminum top end.

Those Chevy and Ford guys got another thing comming!
1965 Plymouth Fury III, passenger side

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Thanks Dan!

Wahoo! Fast and “Furyous” times 3! Great ride.   smile!

Gary H.

January 28, 2010

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