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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

GTXTOM writes:

Here`s some pics of my buddie's '63 Plymouth. I think it was a Belvedere, but he elected to leave the chrome strips off, he thought it looked a lot cleaner without them.

1963 Plymouth

He did a complete rotisserie resto on the car, and then moved the firewall back, and put a 1970 K Frame in, which moved the engine back for better weight transfer.

440 in 1963 Plymouth

The car now sports an Indy head 440 producing approximately 550 hp!

1963 Plymouth

The torqueflite was rebuilt by Fireball Performance Automatics of Williamsburg, Can.

All of the other work was done by the owner Donald Graham, the car was about a 4 year project.

1963 Plymouth

Just goes to show what a little hard work can do.


Your friend Donald has done a wonderful job on his Plymouth!

All his hard work really shows!

Thanks for sharing some pictures of the Plymouth.

I bet it goes and good as it looks!

Gary H.

November 18, 2000

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