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1963 Plymouth Fury convertible

John writes:

While working at two dragstrips in the Detroit area in the late 60's, (Detroit Dragway and Motor City Dragway), two brothers would show up each week with their identically prepared '63 Furys. As I recall, the cars were powered by 440 motors and automatics.

The Furys were deadly in the newly emerging bracket-racing program, running nearly identical 12.30's each run.

In January '02, I came upon this '63 Fury 'Vert and had to have it.

1963 Plymouth Fury 'vert

The car was originally equipped with the 2-bbl Poly 318, automatic trans combination.

Since getting the car, I spent a lot of time on the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web site learning as much as I could about the Poly 318 engine and am convinced that I'll stick with it, rather than switching to a crate motor, or big block combination.

In fact, I've recently set the 2-bbl aside and have replaced it with the #7503 Weiand and 625 Carter. Further, I'll keep working on putting together a dual-quad setup next year.

When I'm finished (are we ever truly finished with our projects?) it will have a later model 3.23 SureGrip rear, Spitfire Headers, and who knows what else.

Thanks, John!

Understand how the memory of those two 63 Furys running close to the 11's would fire you up!

You caught a good looking Fury yourself.

And a top down version, no less!   smile!

Gary H.

May 8, 2002

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